Composition on the picture Yablonska “Morning”

TN Yablonskaya – a famous Russian artist, a student of F. Krichevsky, who grew up in the family of the painter. Her fate is inextricably linked with Cleves. She is famous for such pictures as “Rest”, “Come out in the sun”, “Khreshchatyk”, “In the park”, “At the start”.

Consider the picture of TN Yablonska’s “Morning”, written in 1954. In this picture we see a girl doing morning exercises before going to school. Our heroine – a tall, slender, smart, neat, beautiful girl. It is depicted with hands up, all rushing up, forward, towards the sun, surrounding the world. She has a white T-shirt and black sports panties. On the chair neatly hung her things – school uniform, tie. She stands in the center of the room, near the door that is open on the balcony.

Obviously, the heroine has just awakened from a dream. Nearby we see a crumpled bed, a carelessly thrown blanket. In the center of the room is a round table covered with a beige-blue tablecloth. On it is a simple breakfast prepared for the girl: bread, a jug of milk, butter. It was a warm May day. The whole room is flooded with bright sunlight, creating a sense of spaciousness, flight. The artist uses light colors – beige, red, white, blue, scarlet, green. Virtually the entire interior of the room is designed in light beige tones, the blue tone is added only in the color of the tablecloth, flower pot and decorative plate that adorns the wall.

At the top of the balcony door, made in the form of an arch, the loach rushes in all directions with its luscious greenery. In the background – vague outlines of houses, visible through the open window. This window in the picture is symbolic. It embodies the future of the heroine, her path to the big world.

I really liked the picture, because it creates a joyful mood, inspires confidence and optimism.

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Composition on the picture Yablonska “Morning”