The Painting Syromyatnikova “The first audience”

The picture by Ye. V. Syromyatnikova under the title “First Spectators” is, at first glance, a usual everyday sketch: curious boys peek through an open window into the artist’s studio. But, having looked closely, we notice an interesting feature of this painting: a combination of several genres. So, here there is a landscape (he is outside the window, in the background), and a portrait of the children, and an image of the interior of the workshop. All this gives the picture vitality, makes it very realistic and understandable, similar to the story.

In the courtyard – hot summer. The beautiful sunny weather has set in, the birch grove is beckoning to itself. Perhaps, there went and unknown to us the artist (and maybe it’s an artist, Syromyatnikova herself?). Meanwhile, two village boys looked into the master’s room. They are interested in everything: how the workshop is arranged, what objects there are in it, what is depicted on canvases and

so on. I think the artist recently settled in this village, and the children want to know more about him and his unusual work.

The eldest of the boys looks at the picture. She herself is not visible to us, and this is a mystery. You can imagine what is depicted there. It seems to me that this is a bouquet of chamomiles that are standing right there in the room. The younger boy looks carefully at the artist’s dwelling. It is light and neat. There are many things that children probably see for the first time: an easel, a multicolored palette and large brushes, sketches in a folder. Here – a special world: the world of creativity, in which images are born and images are created.

Under the window is an armchair. It is also unusual: old, with beautiful carved armrests and legs. Maybe he loves to relax, admiring the nature outside the window, the author of the pictures himself. And maybe he puts friends here to show them his new job.

This picture is bright and joyful, it tells about the first meeting of children with real art.

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The Painting Syromyatnikova “The first audience”