Painting by Khabarov “Portrait of Mila”

Valentin Iosifovich Khabarov, a Soviet artist, a recognized master-portraitist. The merit of a talented master is that he can show a whole epoch through a portrait, than people lived and breathed at that time. “Portrait of Mila” was written in 1970, he is from a recent past, and nowadays books are not so enthusiastically read as they were then.

In this picture in the center, a teenage girl, sitting in a round chair, is enthralled by a book. The arrangement is very clear – a rectangular canvas and a bright blue spot on the chair, in which a blonde schoolgirl is located.

Her whole posture conveys interest in the plot of the story, from which she can not tear herself away. She pursed her legs, fully seated in her chair. Above it, in the corner, there is a sconce, which makes the atmosphere and the whole room homely and cozy. Pink-beige wallpaper on the walls indicate that this is a girl’s room. Carefully thrown skates in the corner for figure skating suggest that Mila is a normal developed child, who loves books and sports.

Parquet floor sparkles, reflected in the electric rays. And two white spots – a luminaire from above and white skates from below, set off the warm shades of the room and emphasize the contrast of the blue chair. The girl turned out all light, and in a frame of dark color even more serene, defenseless and touching. Most likely, the window is now winter, frost and snow. And Mila, returning from the street, spends a quiet evening reading his favorite book.

Khabarov showed in his picture an ordinary carefree child who still has his whole life ahead of him, but for now it is possible to spend his childhood in his own pleasure, dreaming and fantasizing, just as only children can do.

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Painting by Khabarov “Portrait of Mila”