The composition of Yuon’s painting “The End of Winter, Noon”

We look at the painting “The End of Winter, Noon”, written by the famous artist KF Yuon, and many embrace the feeling of joy. It is joyful to look at the awakening of nature (as yet, timidly, almost imperceptibly). Glad of sunlight and light; they seem to be filling the landscape to the brim. The exciting premonition of spring is probably the main feeling that the author wanted to convey.

This landscape is one of the late, mature works of KF Yuon. The artist had a house in one of the villages near Moscow. It was here that he painted the painting “The End of Winter: Noon”. In the countryside, all the changes in nature are seen much better than in the city. So here: the landscape is completely winter, everything is covered with snow: the earth, trees, and roofs of houses. But it is clearly felt that a gradual transition to spring has already begun. Many details speak about this. For example, the abundance of the sun, which happens only at the very end of

winter. The sun’s rays are the first messengers of the coming warm pore, it’s not for nothing that the writer M. Prishvin called this time “the spring of light.”

It is clearly seen that the far forest is enveloped in a light, as if warm haze. One can imagine that soon the long-awaited spring will arrive on the cumulus clouds because of this forest. And look at the snow: it is no longer fluffy, as before, but spongy, friable. The long blue shadows of the birches lay on it – such shadows also exist only at the end of winter. The snow is covered with tusks, along which chickens roam. Poultry are pleased with the sun, which has already become noticeably warmer. They – led by a handsome cock – with pleasure went out into the yard. A bright cock-robed dress stands out prominently on a snowy background, reinforcing the festivity of the picture.

In the background of the landscape, near the tall fir trees, a group of people is shown. These are skiers who are going to cross the bridge. Perhaps they are in a hurry to enjoy skating, while the snow has not melted. On such a cheerful sunny day, I do not want to stay at home. The completeness of life and the expectation of novelty embrace people, and all nature.

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The composition of Yuon’s painting “The End of Winter, Noon”