The Painting by Picasso “Girl on the ball”

The portrait of “The Girl on the Ball” tells everyone that Picasso is a good form master. The canvas depicts a small, fragile girl – an acrobat. It is light and flexible, carefully holds the balance on the ball, as if it is hovering in the air, and next to it, on a massive, rough cube, sits a huge, in front of the girl, athlete. Many believe that the fragile girl on the ball is the backbone of the image itself. It embodies drama.

The athlete is a force and calm. The images in the picture are the opposite of each other, and help the artist to reproduce his idea of ​​color contrasts. The landscape in the picture is very dull – a sun-scorched desert, along which stretches a long road that leads nowhere and brings the view to the head characters. This kind of boring landscape gives joy and joy to the robots of circus performers.

The mood in acrobats and athletes is very different. The girl joyfully keeps the balance on the ball, at the same time

the athlete creates an image immobile and permanent, frozen and calm. She is small and fragile, he is great and strong. Also great attention is paid to the ball and cube, on which the characters are located. Also opposite to each other.

Here you can also see the contrast of real estate and activity. Bright notes in the overall composition is a red flower, which is fixed in the girl’s hair, far away, behind the girl, a mother with a child is seen who turned out to be casual passers-by, witnesses of everything that happens in the picture. At first sight passers-by seem random, but the reality is completely different. If we remove the horse and mother by the child, then in the picture there will be emptiness. And with these horses and people, the picture is warm and emotional. This plan is a symbol of peace, liveliness and movement. The clarity of the lines is also the main element in the picture. The artist depicts a weak object that is under the “wing” of a strong one.

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The Painting by Picasso “Girl on the ball”