The Painting by Platonov “The First Snow”

Description of the topic: Touching feelings that arise in the soul of each person – loss of the first snow. Even in the city from noise and vanity can be distracted by a suddenly changed picture of the street, covered with the first snow. The first snow always carries a fleeting joy of a long, throughout the fall, winter’s expectations. Description of the first snow in the film Plastov “First Snow”.

Arkady Plastov is a Russian painter who lived in Soviet times. He was born in a village and most of all he liked to draw a village, a village life and peasants. He liked bright, exciting colors. But the picture of Plastov’s “First Snow” in color terms is rather monotonous, dim, its main colors are white and gray-brown. But this does not make the picture boring. On the contrary, it is “warm”, despite the fact that it depicts the winter.

In the picture we see a small fragment of peasant life. Before us is the threshold of the

wooden house, behind it – the birch. In the distance, another hut is seen. Snow falls. Apparently, it began to fall a long time, because the whole earth is covered with snow, it has already set quite large snowdrifts. On one of the snowdrifts in the background landed a crow.

As always in the landscape works of Plastov, their center is human figures. This time a couple of children are a boy of about six and a little older. Most likely, they looked out the window late, saw that it was snowing, and began to dress hurriedly. Bright-yellow handkerchief girl, hurriedly wrapped and covering almost all of her figure, brings into the picture a spark of unexpected joy.

Probably, the children were in a hurry to play, to rush into the snow, to throw snowballs, but, jumping to the threshold, stopped, fascinated by the snowfall. Flakes of snow fall gently in front of them. Having died on the threshold, the children look around enthusiastically and do not dare to move further.

The artist’s lack of color and detail in this picture is due to the fact that it was written in 1946, in a severe, bleak, hungry, post-war time. But even then the children believed in a fairy tale and in a miracle. The artist compared the untouched child’s soul to the pure first snow. For him, a miracle – and children who have not forgotten how to rejoice and admire, and the first snow, fluffy, dazzling white.

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The Painting by Platonov “The First Snow”