The true beauty of man’s work

How often do we say: “What a handsome man!” And what does “beauty” mean? It seems to me that this inner concept includes first of all the inner, spiritual content, when a person lives in harmony with the world around him and himself, does his favorite thing, realizes his own benefit for society, is self-sufficient, he does not need to befuddle himself with alcohol and drugs to feel happiness. He sees the beauty, “poured everywhere”: in nature, the souls of people close to him, in works of art, music. After all, it is impossible to live without spiritual food.

How poor and meaningless would our life be, if there were no creativity in it in the broadest sense of the word. You can do any job with joy, do it with each time better and better, introducing an element of creativity, a particle of your beautiful soul. It is on the shoulder of every person. It is necessary only to want, to try to master any profession, for idleness leads to degradation.


spoke very well of this with the lips of his hero Bazarov. Polemising with Pavel Petrovich (“Fathers and Sons”), Eugene says: “You respect yourself and sit back.” How well is the main condition of self-esteem and mutual respect in human society – the need to work! Indeed, how can a parasite, a slacker, a lazy person, cause respect; contempt, pity, a desire to help, but not admiration.

Beauty, if it is true, always self-fulfilling. After all, it does not matter what a person is doing, if he creates good and beauty around him, he does the task entrusted with complete dedication, and in another way, and not if it’s good and interesting, I want to imitate him. Only a slave does the job from under the stick, and a free citizen who knows how to assess his abilities should strive for excellence along with progress. The spirit captures from the thought that man is not a grain of sand, he is able to transform the world, but only at the base must lie the desire to multiply the beauty spilled around. She will return back a hundredfold. And on the contrary, it is impossible

to multiply evil with impunity, to destroy the beauty created before you by previous generations.

When I grow up, I will become an architect. In the 21st century, everything will change significantly. I will build extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable buildings. I want to transform this land on which we live. But for this it is necessary to study a lot, so as not to spoil the created before you – it is impossible for every generation to start everything “from scratch”. We are not Ivana, not remembering kinship. Russia has a rich history, which was created by different people, which is a sin to hide, but its best pages were written by great ancestors: Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Sergiy Radonezhsky, poets, artists, musicians and architects who laid the standard of beauty. I believe that in the 21st century a beautiful person will grow up and be brought up, of which Pushkin and Lermontov, Dostoevsky and Nekrasov dreamed. But this will happen not by the wave of a magic wand. To do this, it is necessary to work hard and hard on yourself:

For me, the ideals of beauty are literary heroes, created by the imagination of artists, reflecting their views in this or that era: Tatiana Larina and “Turgenev girls, Natasha Rostov and Princess Mary. Kutuzov and Tikhon Scherbaty, Sotnikov and Zoska Noreiko. But what to say, there are many literary heroes whom I want to be like, without copying behavior, gestures, clothes, the manner to keep myself. The main thing is to cultivate a bright soul, a desire to help people, to protect the land on which they were born, and to perform their work honestly. Is not that enough. It is quite enough to be a harmonious personality, integral nature, and therefore a beautiful person. This beauty does not fade with time, but year after year it becomes brighter, more refined, more valuable.

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The true beauty of man’s work