The influence of nature on man’s work

Every morning, waking up, I go to the window and look through it. I see poplars, a neighbor feeding pigeons, people hurrying about their business, white swirling clouds. Looking at this familiar picture, with these familiar things, I gradually realize that my house is not restricted by walls, that everything that I see and even what I can imagine is also my home.

And as you can not reach the horizon, so there is no limit to my world.

I think that nature is an integral part of our life. What is the Motherland? I am sure that most of us will begin to answer this question with descriptions of birches, snowdrifts and lakes. Nature affects our life and mood. It inspires, pleases and sometimes gives us signs. Therefore, in order for nature to be our friend, it is necessary to love and cherish it. After all, there are many people, and nature is one for all!

Nature has a very strong influence on man: gives him strength, reveals secrets, answers many questions. Creative people

draw inspiration, looking at simple, and at the same time, ideal pictures of nature. Writers and poets almost always turn to the problem of man and nature, because they feel connected with it. Nature is an invariable part of almost every prose creation.

In the twentieth century, Ch. Aitmatov, V. Astafiev, V. Rasputin addressed this subject. “Farewell to Mother” – a book that the connection between man and nature is deeply psychological, and, perhaps, moral. The image of the Motherland in the story is invariably connected with the image of the earth. Matera is an island and a village that has the same name. And all this must disappear. Rasputin draws us pictures of people’s awareness of all that should happen. Old-timers can not get used to the idea that they will have to leave their homeland. A wide psychological picture unfolds. The younger generation perceives the existing reality in a completely different way.

Darya’s grandson, Andrei, without hesitation, makes the decision to get a job at the construction of the dam, because of which the island will be flooded. Andrei

does not think that Matera is his roots, he is careless in this regard. “If the land is a territory, and only, then the attitude to it is appropriate. The earth is our native land, the homeland, it is liberated, the territory is seized. Who are we on this earth are masters or temporary aliens: came, stayed, neither the past we need, nor the future we do not have, “Rasputin turns to his readers. His work is a reminder to people that the origins of the Russian man’s morality have always been in attachment to the earth and, losing this connection, we lose the most sacred.

Creativity of Chingiz Aitmatov is also imbued with the idea of ​​a genetic connection between man and nature. In the 80 years Aitmatov refers to the genre of the novel. They wrote “And longer than a century to last a day” and “Scaffold”. In them, the writer warns people against self-destruction. Here the most difficult questions are posed, not only related to drug addiction, lack of spirituality, but also environmental problems.

Astafiev in the Tsar-Fish draws the life of the people, its connection with nature and the surrounding world. The writer believes that nature is an integral part of our life. There is a certain pattern: the closer to our time, to our generation, the more often writers turn to this problem. And this is not just a desire to show the beauty of nature, but a kind of cry of the soul. The desire to open people’s eyes to the truth, to reality, to reality.

Mankind naively thinks that it is the king of nature. Meanwhile, in the movie “War of the Worlds”, based on the book of Herbert Wells, the Martians were not defeated by the power of human arms or mind, but by bacteria. Those same bacteria that we do not notice, who create their little life without our knowledge and are not going to ask at all, we want one or the other.

The 20th century made big changes. The creations of human hands went out of control. Civilization began to develop at such a crazy pace that a person was frightened of it. Now he is threatened with death from his own offspring. Yes, and nature began to show, “who is the master of the house,” – all sorts of natural disasters and disasters increased. In this connection, careful study of not only nature as a separate system with its own laws began, but also theories appeared that consider the whole Universe as a single organism. This harmonious system can not exist without a well-coordinated interaction of all its parts, to which every individual belongs, and human society as a whole. Thus, for the existence of the universe, harmony is necessary, both in the natural and in the human world. And this means,

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The influence of nature on man’s work