What is the beauty of oke

Beauty – this concept is ambiguous and each person sees it in something of its own. For some, beauty is the surrounding nature: rivers, mountains, forests, pretty landscapes, sunrise or sunset. Someone sees beauty in a person – a slender, healthy body, regular facial features, blush, big eyes or a certain color of hair. For me, beauty is something higher that does not touch the eyes, but is felt by the soul.

I can never call beautiful what carries evil or bad intentions. Many admire the encrusted gems with weapons, but for me it will never be perfect, because it carries death in itself. Similarly, with a man: he can have magnificent and correct features of all the fashion, impeccable appearance and have an excellent style, but if his thoughts are filled with negative, he will never be perceived by me as beautiful. The conclusion is obvious, beauty, in my understanding, is kindness, sincerity, sympathy and ability to support.

I love and nature: fresh air, green

meadows, high dense forests and flowering gardens in the spring. But the most beautiful places for me are those where I can fully relax my soul, where my heart is calm, and my eyes rejoice at what they see.

It should be clarified that beauty is not in something global, but in small things – in a flower that first blossomed in the spring, in a small kitten that barely had time to open its eyes, in fragrant baked bread, in the smile of a loved one, in the eyes of a happy mother, in good deeds.

Most often, drowning in the cycle of everyday worries, a person does not notice the beauty around him and, following dictated stereotypes, naively believes that beauty is a set of parameters and figures. Surprisingly, to everything that exists in the world, a person has certain requirements, and if something does not correspond to certain parameters, it is not considered unique, is called wrong. But is not it wonderful that someone or something is rejected from the standards? Is not an ugly red-haired man with freckles? Is it possible to consider an ugly guy of short stature or a girl with a few non-standard forms?

Why are people who do not have the financial opportunity to dress fashionably, also called ugly? Beauty is not in clothes, not in hair color, not in figure, height, weight and other things, beauty is much deeper – in behavior, in actions, in shine in the eyes,

Beauty – this is something that you can not buy for money, that you can not raise with your own hands, having an insult on the soul and anger in your thoughts. Beauty is how we see the world, how we perceive ourselves and what surrounds us, it is an indicator that is not measured by any units, it is harmony, to which we must strive daily, hourly, every minute. Beauty in love. Only loving yourself, your loved ones, life and peace, you can see the beauty in everything: in yourself, in people, in a thunder-storm, in the singing of birds, in smiles and in your soul.

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What is the beauty of oke