The work “Man and Society”

Man interacts with society throughout his life. That is why the writers addressed, addressed, and will address the topic “Man and Society”.

Many writers have tried to create a model of an ideal society that is built on respect in which the potential of each person is revealed. This was how social utopias were created. A. Sumarokov wrote the story “Dream” Happy Society “, in which the sovereign and government bodies in the country are guided by the principle of common good. Everybody dreams to live in such a society!

Dreams of an ideal society are beautiful, but their reality dissipates. Writers come to the writing of anti-utopias, telling about a society in which negative tendencies of development have prevailed. One of my favorite works is D. Orwell’s novel “1984”. It describes the life of society under the totalitarian regime. It is not surprising that in the socialist countries the work has been repeatedly victimized by

censorship. In my opinion, this is the most terrible book: the authorities seek to control the whole life of a person, up to his thoughts. A living person makes power a robot. The fate of one who is against this system is terrible!

The contradiction between society and personality is vividly described in FM Dostoyevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment. Raskolnikov is a student, and, as usual, with financial problems. He decides to kill the old woman-interest, who for Raskolnikov is the personification of the social injustice of Petersburg in the 19th century. He decides to take away from the rich and give to the poor. That is, he sought to make life better. But does the purpose justify the purpose?

Raskolnikov could continue training, find a job. It was worth trying – and before him would have opened a normal future. But he chose a different path. The contradiction of Raskolnikov’s personality and society ended in defeat for the individual by defeat.

Man and society are inseparable components of being. A man who stands out from the general mass is always not easy. Unfortunately, it is the crowd that determines the nature of society.

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The work “Man and Society”