What is Beauty

Beauty is the joy of our life. V. Sukhomlinsky Beautiful life, beautiful nature, beautiful smile. Who among us did not admire the beauty? It’s impossible to pass beautiful past, you will necessarily stop your sight, you will hold your attention even for a while. What is beauty? Many thought about this. Beautiful, beautiful! These words we use often, conveying our impression from what they saw, lived through. But do we always notice the beauty that surrounds us? Do we always see and hear beautiful things? Our life is beautiful and amazing. The nature that surrounds us is beautiful and amazing.

But all of its unique beauty and charm is revealed only to those who listen attentively and carefully peer at it, who treats it carefully. I remember the words of N. Rylenkov: It is not enough to see here, It is necessary to peer here, To clear love The heart is full. Beauty is the joy of our life, this is what surrounds us. After all, we sometimes do not notice what a beautiful azure

sky and evening dawn, the flicker of stars and the rustle of trees in the forest. And how many colors nature uses to show the beauty of autumn! It is necessary to notice the beauty of nature, cherish it and protect it. Man is handsome in labor. Beauty and creativity are related to people of different professions. After all, more than once we paid attention to how a person with enthusiasm, creatively does something. We are amazed, surprised, as, for example, a man quickly cuts out of the tree a unique figure – a real miracle – in a few minutes. Admire and say: “What a beauty!”

Confectioners, decorating their products, can create real works of art that you can only admire. We respectfully talk about people who do their work beautifully. “Golden Hands”, “jack of all trades” – such is the assessment of skilful people who do their work with a soul, with love, giving pleasure to themselves and others. A handsome man is a harmoniously developed person. Harmonious person is easy to communicate. For him, the world is rich, fascinating, and most importantly – kind

and open. They say that this person has a beautiful soul. And this is the most important wealth.

Life is beautiful among people who constantly expand their knowledge, educate themselves in humanity and consider humanity the basis of relations between people. Mankind will always admire genius people, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leo Tolstoy. The circle of their interests was undeniable, their connection with life was deep. The life of these people did not vanish without a trace. All their knowledge, skills, love, they sent for the benefit of humanity. We admire the beauty of the canvases of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.

When classical music sounds, we become calm or anxious, joyful or sad. Meeting with the beautiful awakens in our soul high light feelings. These feelings for a long time do not leave us, disturb the soul, there is a desire to be better. And we say: “Fine!” Beauty plays a huge role in a person’s life. Influencing man, beauty awakens in his soul the most luminous, exalted feelings. She makes him kinder, nobler, develops in him the desire to create, create a new beauty for the joy of people. No wonder the Russian proverb says: “Where there is love and kindness, there is beauty.” The main thing is to notice this beauty, not to pass by. The beautiful can be near. Stop and you are amazed before the amazing, and then the soul will be more joyful, kinder, warmer, because beauty gives rise to beauty.

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What is Beauty