“The soul must work day and night, and day and night!”

Morning. I’m leaving the house. The rain is raining, the sky is covered with gray clouds. People are all somewhere in a hurry, nobody cares about anyone.

Here is a typical day. A person gets up, goes to work, often not interesting for him, comes home and goes to bed. Many people do not read anything at all. But this is necessary! We can live without water and food very little time. If the soul does not work, is not fueled by books, then it dies, and a person continues to live without it. Such people have absolutely empty eyes – look at them, and it becomes scary, as if somewhere you are failing.

We must constantly think, experience, maybe even suffer, because without this the soul does not rise, it does not get better, but simply withers as an unnecessary flower.

People, whose soul does not work daily, hourly, in my opinion, are terrible. We must work on ourselves, be kinder and fairer. The soul must work even at night – after all, in a dream, we

also think and experience.

Many people, from those who are called “new Russians”, the soul does not work at all, their only concern is to earn more money, anyway, in what way.

It seems to me that the soul should begin to work almost from birth. Young children are often led to performances – their souls absorb what they see, like a sponge. In young children, the soul, like a soft wax – that you capture on it, it will remain for life. If a child sees only tears, suffering and war from childhood, then his soul becomes hard with time, becomes immune to other people’s pain and experiences. But another case – a person grows in kindness and care, always feels that someone needs, and here is the result – his soul is beautiful, he is always ready to help out, in some way to help.

I wish that all people were kind, beautiful soul! But in order to become a little bit better, it takes many years to work on yourself. If our souls always work, if we tirelessly think about the beautiful, then maybe the world will forever forget what war and suffering are.

And a great appeal to this is the words in our days:

The soul must work,
So that water can not be poured in the mortar,
The soul must work,
And day and night, and day and night! ..

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“The soul must work day and night, and day and night!”