Beauty will save the world of composition

Beauty will save the world of composition

What is beauty? I think every person ever thought about it. And, for certain, this concept has different meanings. I believe that it is different: external and internal. External beauty is the one we see with our eyes, something that attracts us with our appearance. Internal beauty is one that you can not see, you can only feel it. Unfortunately, both these concepts do not always coexist together.

For example, a person who is handsome in appearance, inside can turn out to be very mean and evil. And a person who does not possess natural beauty can be kind and honest. But inner beauty has an extraordinary property – it creates harmony in a person, that is, supplements it. Internal beauty makes people beautiful not only internally, but also externally. No wonder they say: “A

person, beautiful inside, is beautiful and outside.”

I know a lot of people who are not particularly beautiful, but they are so kind, decent, they can always talk to sincere topics, because these people will listen to me and understand in any situation. In life, very often, unfortunately, there are apparently attractive people, but in communicating with them you understand how far they are from my idea of ​​the beauty of the soul. It is difficult to find people in whom both external beauty and spiritual kindness were combined.

Every night I walk my four-legged friend Cleopatra. Our yard is small, there are also small children on the playground, and grandmothers on the bench, regularly discussing someone’s personal life, and young basketball players trying in vain to throw the ball into the basket. I admire the autumn landscape, while my Cleo sniffs a snow-white lapdog, the dream of all the arty dogs. The sweet languor of golden autumn envelops the whole courtyard and, it seems, the whole world. And then sharp. a counter-piercing squeal breaks the general bliss. On the asphalt track, a white-pink “cloud” with pigtails and huge bows screeched. Her beautiful face distorted the grimace of fury and anger. “Who has offended this young creature so much?” – I thought and hurried to

the rescue.

It turned out to be much more prosaic. Mom did not take out her daughter’s favorite doll for a walk. The girl stamped her feet, screamed. ordered the mother. It was a pity to observe how the crystal silence and harmony in the world of our court are being destroyed. But the general favorite was Aunt Klava. She takes out crumbs and grains every night with pigeons, calling them with a pleasant and also cooing voice: “Guli-ghuli-ghouli.” Aunt Klava came to the girl, calmly took her hand and said in some usual and at the same time magical voice: “Let’s go feed the birds.” And again the world around zablistal, zanazhilsya on the autumn solar leaf fall, and the young barbie stomped after her obediently and smiling.

“Everything seems to be beautiful, what you look at with love.” How true it is! Here is an example of the most disinterested, most sincere love that can only exist – the love of the mother. Nothing is more valuable in life there. Mom.. With this word people have special, warm memories that can not be replaced by anything. For each mother her child is the best, the most beautiful, the very-very. When a mother takes a baby at birth, she thinks that he will grow up a decent, intelligent, kind person. To understand this love, it must be experienced, felt. I remember when I was in the third grade, our class teacher gave us a task to draw portraits of our moms.

I drew my own little hand as best I could, although I tried very hard: it was my mother’s portrait, it can not be spoiled! At the parents’ meeting Tatyana Borisovna (our class teacher) posted these portraits on the board.. He still lies in my daddy, as a memory of my “creativity.” He really liked Mom, although she admitted to me that she did not immediately recognize herself in him, but it did not upset me in any way. And among all the portraits, in my opinion, of course, subjective opinion, my mother was the most beautiful!

Beauty can be displayed not only in the love of people, but also in the world around us. Chamomile.. At someone’s sight, the most simple flowers. I love daisies, and therefore they are very beautiful for me. Camomile field! As soon as I imagine that I’m running along it, and around there are only chamomiles, the sun, the blue sky.. and me. And on the soul immediately comes pacification, which can not be described in words. At this moment it seems to me that nothing more lovely than sweet chamomiles does not exist! We need beauty, just look around! Our task is to preserve all this for our descendants! I love this world, and therefore it is beautiful for me!

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Beauty will save the world of composition