An essay on the topic “Why should I save a book?”

In school years, the only real and best friend, after the parents, is the book. For a schoolboy, this is a whole world. She knows the question for any answer. Can tell a lot of interesting, exciting, even unreal. Show uncharted places and spend a whole trip around the world.

Many now can disagree with me and say that now such a friend is the Internet. And to some extent they are right, because the global network has so captured the world that in some educational institutions books were replaced with smartphones, tablets, laptops. On the one hand it is much more convenient. You took a small box with a whole world. It does not tear, because the book does not take up so much space, you do not need to search for a long page. At any request you have a lot of information.

But how much more pleasant it is to hold a book in your hands. To listen to the rustling of turntable pages, to inhale the smell of paper, to hold hands with a firm wrapper. No device can give anything like that. Books are our gold. What is written on the white page can not be changed, can not be deleted or erased. It’s as they say, forever. And, perhaps over the years, books grow old, pages wear out, letters burn out, but the entire manuscript has survived to the present day and has survived in the history of mankind. And then there were no hard drives, portable memory devices, or something like that.

Our task is to save books. Show our descendants how we learned the history and in what form it came to us. Only on a piece of paper can you pass the life of a generation. To paint everything from the very beginning to the end. And no matter how beautiful it is printed on the Internet, as a result it will still be on white sheets of paper that are sewn into a book. Take care of books and thus you will save history.

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An essay on the topic “Why should I save a book?”