The work of the soul

“Do not let the soul be lazy.” These words of the Russian poet Nikolai Zabolotsky have long become winged. But what is the work of the soul? With the human body everything is clear: it walks, runs, carries loads, works with hands. And how can the soul work?

In fact, the soul is responsible for a very important human trait. This is his spiritual development, his self-improvement. The human spirit and will must be tempered, strengthened and strengthened day by day. A person’s spiritual qualities should become better every day.

What a person lacks, then it is necessary to develop in the soul. If a person is afraid, then one must develop courage. If inattentive to others, then you need to develop responsiveness. If you are greedy, then the breadth of the soul, and so on. Do not forget about your best qualities and develop them even more.

For this, every day a person needs to do something that will help him move forward as a person. For example, overcome your fears. Or develop your mind, learn new useful information. Or learn to find a common language with people with whom it is not so easy to communicate.

If you sit out in a cozy mink, where everything is comfortable, where you do not have to learn anything new, it’s nice. But then neither the body nor the soul will not work. “And you grab her by the shoulders, teach and torment him in darkness! To live with you like a human, she learned again!” – the poet Nikolai Zabolotsky advises us.

Yes, one has to build one’s personality from the youngest years, making efforts to do it. Then it will turn out worthy. In the construction and development of the unique personality of man, the work of his soul is made.

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The work of the soul