True love composition

Love. This feeling again and again proves that without it life loses its meaning. Love changes a person, a magic flower blossoms in his soul, which fills every cell of your body with its subtle scent; love gives a person joy, harmony – this is the ideal idea of ​​this great feeling. So is there such a love? Will every person meet her on his life’s journey?

In my opinion, love, when it is really present, is a difficult test. Such a feeling will never leave a person, whatever circumstances. For her, no distance, time, age, separation. It is not always possible to identify such a feeling with happiness. On the contrary, as usual, it brings great suffering, often ends tragically: death, prison, insanity.

A person often mutes his true love and finds everyday life and routine, in which he lives quietly and quietly his life – without much happiness, but without much grief.

More primitive people are not capable of this high feeling at all. For them,

love is only the satisfaction of physiological needs. Although such “artificial” love seems stable, sometimes it ends very quickly, or even immediately turns into hate. Since people can not live together for a long time, having nothing in common. Thus, there are conflicts that inevitably lead to the destruction of a shaky family union.

It also happens that a person for the sake of the wealth of material values ​​neglects his true love. A marriage of convenience in modern life is not a rare thing. Sometimes, on the contrary, sincere love becomes impossible because of social inequality or because of other life circumstances that do not concern it.

The theme of love has always been leading in literature, including in Russian literature. True love is a great asset of a person. It forms a personality, determines its essence: it becomes the main test in the life of a person, makes him happy or unhappy. Is there real love today? Probably there, because now people continue to carry out heroic and meaningless acts for the sake of love and suffer from it. This makes them people.

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True love composition