What is the beauty of the composition

So there is beauty. Winter morning. It’s snowing, covering the earth with a white shroud. Snowflakes are like white fluffy stars. The streets became cozy, as if someone had put everything in its place. This wolf-schnitzel-winter removed the entire city into a fabulous outfit.

In contrast to this wonderful landscape on the outskirts of the city is a gray house. There, at this time, the young man woke up, for some reason he was always unhappy. He got out of bed, went to the window and saw a river, icebound, on which large snow flakes fell. The young man smiled, it was one of those few days when he was in a good mood. “Beauty!” he thought.

Field. Infinite emerald green sea of ​​fragrant grass, over which scattered mottled flowers. There, in this bouquet of smells, sat two. “It seems to me that there is no place on earth more beautiful than this, where we are only two, where no one disturbs us.” said the girl. “Yes, Beauty!” the guy answered.

So what is beauty? About her so much is written, she was admired at all times. Maybe it’s an attractive appearance, maybe a soul, maybe nature, maybe love?

Yes, all this is beauty, but, in my opinion, beauty is first of all harmony. Harmony in everything: in appearance, in the soul, in nature, in love. Beauty is present everywhere, but not everyone sees it, not everyone pays attention. Let’s look at ourselves and others, and then we will see something beautiful in our monotonous life, because “beauty will save the world”!

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What is the beauty of the composition