What is spiritual beauty?

Imagine what you learned via the Internet about the international action “We are the children of the planet Earth.” To take part in it, you need to briefly, but exhaustively tell about yourself. What do you think, what characteristics should be preferred in such a story? Would the organizers of the project be interested in such information: “Composition: approximately 28 kg of oxygen, 9 kg of carbon, 1.9 nitrogen, 700 g of calcium, 445 g of phosphorus, 110 g of potassium, 88 g of sodium”? The fact is that this is the chemical composition of the human body. Meanwhile, do these substances determine the value of each of us? Of course not. Most people do not even think of evaluating someone on such grounds. At all times, in appearance, people sought to understand the soul of man, his inner world, that is, what determines the personality of everyone.

Having only external characteristics, we can not say that we know a person. Nevertheless, it often happens that

people become friends, communicating only in letters, even without ever seeing each other. Thus, the inner essence of a person determines our attitude towards him: the richer the inner world of a person, the more perfect it seems to us. In the ability to do good, to be sensitive, compassionate and sympathetic people from time immemorial saw the beauty of the soul. Look through the pages of the textbook and look closely at the faces of the well-known characters depicted on the reproductions: you will be convinced that the artists have always tried to understand the spiritual beauty.

The life of a person, like any other living being, is possible under certain conditions: in order to be healthy, we must lie down, sleep, not suffer from heat and cold, etc. The satisfaction of these necessary conditions for life is called physical needs. Meanwhile, in the life of each of us, as you have seen, there is an internal dimension. Someone does not represent his life without reading books, for someone an obligatory condition is the opportunity to receive new knowledge, for someone the meaning of life is in creativity. We do

not imagine ourselves happy without communication with family, friends, without the warmth of the soul, which gives a sense of joy. These and many other conditions are called Spiritual needs. “The man does not live by bread alone,” the Bible teaches, and we are constantly convinced that the desire for spirituality can be more tangible than hunger or thirst.

The inner world is everything that is connected with the soul of a person, namely: feelings, thoughts, desires, aspirations, interests, experiences, etc.

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What is spiritual beauty?