Composition on the theme of a true friend

A person lives in society. Here he was raised and studied from an early age. In his life he meets with many people. These are his acquaintances in studies, at work, people with whom he meets during travel or leisure. But not all of them become good friends. What kind of real friend should he be?

From my point of view, a true friend is, first, a person who understands you. With him, you can always share the most intimate thoughts. However, he will not be making fun of you, but patiently and with understanding listen. And if the situation is difficult or problematic, it will be able to give good advice. A true friend must be faithful. All our secrets and secrets must remain between us. The person you trust will never dare slander or betray you. He, on the contrary, will support and give a helping hand in a difficult moment.

On the other hand, a true friend is always a good companion. It is important that the comrades have common interests. When a person is passionate about

something, he reads a lot about this in addition, he always has a desire to share his new knowledge with someone. This man is a close friend. With him you can discuss an interesting book, a film or a play, and exchange magazines or disks.

A true friend is also a reliable companion. It’s always interesting to travel with him. For example, go to an exhibition, a concert or a movie. It is interesting to go camping with a friend. You can always rely on it and be sure that we will overcome all difficulties together. A real friend will not wait for you to do any work for him. He prefers to work on equal terms. Therefore, it is interesting to do something with it and design, come up with some projects and create crafts.

In the game, a true friend is an indispensable partner. He should be an interesting inventor and a fair judge. It is the game that can always show what kind of a comrade you really are. In the game you can not trick or deceive, but you need to be able to persevere towards victory and worthy of experiencing defeat. Therefore, a true friend will not boast of his achievements, but, on the contrary,

will help his comrade to achieve good results.

It’s never boring with a friend. There is always some interesting business or occupation. It is important for this that a friend is a harmoniously developed person. That it was interesting not only to play with him, but also to play sports, do lessons, explore some problems.

Of course, it is very important that a true friend is compliant and kind, honest and fair. It is important that he respects his classmates and older people. Many people think that a true friend can only be one. I do not think so. On the contrary, the more a person has friends, the more interesting it is for him to live. It’s not for nothing that people say: “Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends.” Often believe that a true friend can only be the same age. I think that this is not quite true. Very good, when there are friends who are older than you. They can always learn something, get wise advice.

My older friends are first of all my parents. They all help me, support me, and I try not to disappoint them, but to be like them. But it’s also very interesting to have friends who are younger than you. It’s nice to think that someone you can help as a senior friend.

Having a true friend is always important and responsible. True comrades should cherish friendship and respect each other. It is not only difficult to live without friends, but it is simply impossible. As they say in the popular proverb, there is no friend – look, but you will find – take care.

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Composition on the theme of a true friend