Works about the beauty of nature

The problem of admiring the beauty of nature was raised in many works of world literature. By the ability to see the beauty of the surrounding world, to bow before it, to praise its beauty and greatness, the authors most often endow people with a subtle soul organization who feel our world as a whole and a human being as an integral part of this world. Often, the ability to admire the beauty of nature is almost the only characteristic of the hero, which allows the reader to understand it: his soul, his ideals, motives, secret desires.
This is what we can observe

The protagonist of the work, Major Kuzmin goes on vacation after being wounded and stops in a small town to hand over a letter to the military’s wife, whom he met at the hospital. In the story there are practically no direct author’s characteristics of Kuzmin. But here we see how he wants to stay in this town, rent a house and listen to how at night the rain knocks on mugs. And he also talks about how

it happens that you will see a clearing in the forest, a brilliant cobweb in the sun, and want to stay here for a long time. A moment lasts a second, but you remember it all your life. And then the reader begins to understand that the major is a man with a poetic soul, deeply feeling the world and people philosophically related to life. And we see this through the prism of Kuzmin’s relationship to the world around him.
we see the sea through the eyes of the old man Santiago. For him, a fisherman, the sea is not only a breadwinner, for him it is filled with poetry, joy. The sea makes the old man stronger, as if giving him energy from his bottomless pantries. Santiago admires the sea as a woman, and we understand how beautiful his soul is, forgetting about the hardships of human existence and capable of endlessly surprised by the greatness of nature.
Also often writers suggest that we reflect on how great the role of the beauty of nature in the revival of the human soul. So,

We see the narrator bowing before the beauty of the cherry blossom. Inhaling her scent, he hardly imagines, as during the blockade, when happiness was any “crumb of heat”, people managed to keep this old tree. And he wonders:

Thus, the whole course of the work E. Shim argues: the human soul will live as long as it will see and appreciate the beauty.

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Works about the beauty of nature