The work “Ecology and Man”

Look around you. Right now, look carefully out the window. What do you see? The azure blue sky overhead, the bright sun that shines every day, the white sparkling snow…

If you look closely at nature, what surrounds us is created perfectly and harmoniously, with real beauty around us, which we sometimes do not even notice behind the shroud of gray everyday life. Everything seems to us absolutely ordinary and banal. We live in ideal and fertile natural conditions, and Mother is taking care of this – nature. Think about this, because she gave us everything, everything that is necessary for life: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the sun that gives everything life, the weight that surrounds us, the same houses, clothes and food – it’s all thanks to her. She constantly gives, gives, gives to us, cares of humanity as a real loving mother who is ready to give to her beloved children. It is worth pondering, but what do we do in response? How do we respond

to her care?

Let’s mentally move far back when there were no factories, factories, cars, computers, high-rise buildings and all that without which our life now seems simply impossible. At that time, people did not know how to extract oil, coal and other minerals, which now are mercilessly pumped from the Earth at an unthinkable speed. It was then that the man was grateful for nature, for the plants and animals that surrounded him. He cared and accepted with gratitude her gifts. And now, what do we see in our 21st century?.

Day after day the Earth is more and more devastated, giving humanity its wealth. Every day millions of tons of oil, natural gas, coal, peat and other minerals are pumped out. A man just devours them ruthlessly, and yet they are not eternal! Every day, factories and factories are being built that poison the atmosphere, releasing millions of tons of pollutants into the air, without thinking that we are digging a hole for ourselves. Not only air gets polluted. How many rivers, lakes, reservoirs and seas became a victim of emissions of toxic waste. Take, for example, Lake Baikal. This

is the most burning example of human negligence.

What for? Why kill something alive that is near us? Imagine that you will one day wake up, and the bright sun will not shine in the street, the sky will be clouded, there will never be greenery, everything will be gray and terrible, there will be nowhere to go on vacation, just not all the beauty that we we can enjoy. Not impressive, is it? So why destroy your own home with your own hands? Think about the future of next generations. Immediately and in a flash it is impossible to change the thinking of billions of people. But if everyone thinks about what we thank our wet nurse, mother – nature, change our attitude to the beauty around us, maybe something will change. You can not think: “I do not need this, let the environmentalists care about it,” it’s not. They are few, and they can not completely prevent all harm, inflicted on nature. We need everyone to start with themselves, today, now!

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The work “Ecology and Man”