Composition on the theme “True Love”

What is true love? How should close people be related to each other? Can the relationship between lovers be built on the contempt of one person by another? Writers of Russian literature have often pondered such questions.

Great love is not only happiness, but also great suffering. This is truly the blessing of Destiny, which, as a token of gratitude for the suffering it has suffered, sends a “bird of happiness” to man. Each individual’s love has its own light, its own sorrow, its own happiness. There are no barriers for a loving heart. But it is important not to indulge the weaknesses of a loved one, but to try to direct his actions in the right direction. A striking example of the voice of conscience was for Rodion Raskolnikov. the hero of the novel by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky “Crime and Punishment,” Sonya Marmeladova. which, like a ray of light in the dark for a loved one, followed him to penal servitude. Sonechka did not support the destructive

idea of ​​Raskolnikov, she just saw in him what is “really beautiful”, something that sometimes he could not see in himself.

But there will never be a real, spiritual relationship, if only to allow oneself to love oneself, as, for example, Helen Kuragina did. heroine of Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace. We see only a cold, soulless beauty, shining with the whiteness of its dazzling shoulders. How could Pierre Bezukhov be happy with her? Is he so sincere, faithful and real? Of course not!

And Victor Astafyev, reflecting on the problem of true love, in one of his works shares his impressions of the incident he saw in the life of one married couple. The narrator goes on a train with a married couple. The head of the family, a soldier, a disabled person, is going to a responsible meeting. To “facilitate” him a trip, with him next to his wife. A disabled husband “dog-likely faithful” refers to his wife, tries to please her in everything. But a young lady, as her writer calls her, does not respect her husband, she is capricious. There is no warmth in their relationship…

Astafiev also writes that “love, of course, it is different,” but “such a love” can not be called love. Indeed, in love it is important to think not about how it will be better for you, but about how to make it so that it becomes better for another. But reciprocity is important here.

And in conclusion I want to say that love is a huge, all-consuming feeling that gives a person life-giving joy and immeasurable suffering, calming peace and endless throwing. If you truly love, sincerely, then whole heart, give yourself to this feeling, finding a warm response in a kindred loving heart, always faithful and faithful!

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Composition on the theme “True Love”