The problem of genuine beauty is the composition

About the beauty of the human speak a lot. Types of beauty are different. There is spiritual, there is physical. A beautiful body can be, maybe a soul. And to see beauty is an immutable property of a person, his skill. Human feelings are beautiful, attractive in works of art, in nature, in the simplest of things. Even in a fallen yellow puffed leaf.

The beauty of the human face and body is given to grooming, healthy nutrition, joy and positive emotions, physical activity. To “pull up” the body beauty, people use sports, gymnastics. Of course, they try to dress smartly and neatly, decorate themselves.

But man does not live by one physical beauty. The beauty of the soul is as important as physical: kindness, charity, friendliness, respect for oneself and other people, love, tolerance. These types of beauty are related to each other, how can the people closest to each other be related. Lack of spiritual beauty in the presence of physical – this is false beauty,

deceptive. And their combination is beauty.

Fedor Dostoevsky in “Crime and Punishment” speaks of a combination of physical and spiritual beauty. The beauty of the well-groomed and rich Mr. Svidrigailov is false. It’s a rapist who will do anything for the sake of his pleasure, make another, weak and defenseless cry. False beauty Raskolnikov, although outwardly it is interesting, because he uses his mind, talents and talents for the usual brutal murder of women.

Sonya Marmeladova suffers from external beauty. Suffers from banal poverty, malnutrition. She is thin, pale, intimidated, wears the cheap screaming clothes of a public wench, which is so uncomfortable to her, does not match her, which spoils her whole appearance.

But Sonya’s soul is so beautiful, her love is so self-sacrificing and knows no obstacles, that even the most cruel convicts talk about her with tenderness and affection. Sonia seems pleasant externally, pretty enough because her soul is shining. Only towards the end of the novel his protagonist, Raskolnikov, will be able to discern the beauty of Sonya in

full, as if he will see his soul, too, and fall in love with the girl.

Sister Raskolnikova Dunya combines the beauty of both the outer and the inner. She is strong in spirit, selfless, she tries not to drop her hands. Disasters and humiliations do not even affect her appearance, because Dunya finds the strength to work, fight, defend herself. She does not tolerate everything and does not demolish, as Sonia, but behaves proudly, but learns and forgives. It is significant that she fell in love with the same strong, and spirit and body, Dmitry Razumikhin, a cheerful fellow, a hard worker, always ready to help a friend. The beauty of the soul attracts the beauty of the soul.

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The problem of genuine beauty is the composition