Composition “Beauty of the Soul”

In my opinion, man’s spiritual beauty is much more important than his outer beauty. After all, a person can be insanely beautiful, but his soul can be hard, evil and cruel. Thanks to spiritual beauty, a person is kind, honest, just, he will never do anything to anyone.

A handsome man is always confident, he knows what he wants and does not sit idly by. The person’s confidence is reflected in its appearance. Such a person has a certain manner of communication, behavior, gestures and facial expressions. A handsome man must be necessarily smart. It is the mind that determines many qualities of a person. Mind and education are two features of a spiritually beautiful person.

A special role is played by the level of human culture. A handsome man will never allow himself to swear, obscene, or insult other people. He will never commit meanness and will not expose even an unfamiliar person. He is above all this and lives as it should be in a developed and civilized society.

A spiritually handsome man has all the positive qualities. Such a person is not capable of cruelty and meanness. He is in harmony with himself and with the surrounding people. He is happy and people are drawn to him. Such should be all the people in the world, but many forget about spiritual beauty in pursuit of external beauty.

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Composition “Beauty of the Soul”