“Beauty created by man” composition

The Creator created the universe harmonious and beautiful. Since birth, a person is surrounded by the incomparable beauty of the world. How mysterious is the mighty forest, how many secrets and mysteries are kept in its wise silence! How beautiful is the spring meadow, where the abundance of colors of field flowers is woven by a magic carpet! How beautiful is the summer sky, on which stars shimmering with gold offer to plunge into the mystery of the universe! How it captures the raging sea, immersing us in reflections and dreams! How the flame of fire cleans the human soul, as if burning everything superfluous and obscene! What kind of experience does the tedious drizzle cause us?

And the baby comes into the world beautiful. With what interest does the little man know the world around him, how sincerely he admires, when he learns new things, how directly he takes all that beauty created by mother-nature. What lovely merciful emotions arise in a child when communicating with our

lesser brothers. Growing up, a person changes – childish naivete disappears.

In addition to the created Nature, man created a lot of beautiful – brilliant music, unique paintings, inspiring poems and living forever architectural monuments. These creations live in the ages, being a source of beauty and harmony.

Many people, not deprived by nature of external beauty – the right features, a good slender figure behind a pompous sleigh, hides a heart and a selfish heart. Their insides are filled with anger and cruelty, greed, envy and hypocrisy. The actions and thoughts of such externally beautiful people are subject to the satisfaction of their needs, needs. Their words are stupid and evil. Their life is absolutely useless and stupid. They do not know love, but cherish selfishness and self-love. They have no harmony with themselves or with others. And none of the sensible people can call such people beautiful.

And there are people who have behind their unattractive beauty a beautiful bright soul, a merciful heart. Their wise benevolent speeches, significant meaningful deeds, decent desires illuminate the exterior with inner light. Kindness, friendliness, compassion, love for the environment make a person beautiful, and anyone will find him truly beautiful.

For me, beauty is a harmony of outer and inner thoughts and actions.

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“Beauty created by man” composition