What is a literary work a work of fiction

Art is a sphere of human activity that is addressed to its emotional, aesthetic side of personality. Through auditory and visual images, through associative series and intense mental and mental work, there is a kind of communication with the creator of the work of art and those for whom it was created: the listener, the reader, the viewer.

Artwork is a concept related primarily to literature. By this term is meant not just any coherent text, but bearing a certain aesthetic load. It is this nuance that distinguishes such a work from, for example, a scientific treatise or a business document.

The work of art is very imaginative. It does not matter whether it’s a multi-volume novel or just a quatrain. Under imagery is understood the richness of the text with expressive-visual language means. At the level of vocabulary, this is expressed in the use of the author of such paths as epithets, metaphors, hyperbolas, impersonations, etc. At the level of syntax, a work of art

can be saturated with inversions, rhetorical figures, syntactic repetitions or joints, etc.

For the artistic text is characteristic of a second, additional, deep meaning. Subtext is guessed for a number of features. Such a phenomenon is not peculiar to business and scientific texts, the task of which is to report any reliable information.

Artwork is associated with such concepts as the theme and idea, the position of the author. The theme is what this text is about: what events are described in it, what era is being covered, what subject is being considered. Thus, the subject of the image in landscape lyric poetry is nature, its states, complex manifestations of life, reflection of the states of man through the states of nature. The idea of ​​an artwork is thoughts, ideals, views that are expressed in the work. So, the main idea of ​​the famous Pushkin “I remember a wonderful moment…” is the display of the unity of love and creativity, the understanding of love as the main driving, reviving and inspiring beginning. And the position or point of view of the author is the attitude of

the poet, writer to those ideas, to the heroes that are depicted in his creation. It can be controversial,

Artwork is the unity of form and content. Each type of literary text is built according to its own laws and must answer them. So, in the novel, traditionally raised problems of a public nature, depicts the life of a class or social system, through which, as in prism, reflects the problems and spheres of society as a whole. In the lyric poem, however, the intense life of the soul is reflected, emotional experiences are transmitted. According to critics, in a real work of art you can not add anything or add anything: everything is in place, as needed.

The aesthetic function is realized in the literary text through the language of the work of art. In this regard, such texts can serve as textbooks, because they give unsurpassed in beauty and charm samples of magnificent prose. It is no accident that foreigners wishing to learn the language of a foreign country as best as possible are advised to read first of all the time-tested classics. For example, Turgenev’s prose, Bunin’s are wonderful examples of owning all the richness of the Russian word and the ability to convey its beauty.

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What is a literary work a work of fiction