Why does a man work?

Great joy is work,

In the fields, behind the machine, at the table!

V. Bryusov

Someone from the French classics said that work is pleasure. Bryusov calls him joy. Marxists argue that it was work that created man. “Workdays are holidays for us,” was sung in one Soviet song. At all times, the worker was a respected member of society, and lazy, a slacker, he censured. Religion asserts the dogma of labor “in the sweat of one’s own face.” But no one publicly said that a person works for money, for their material well-being. I understood this, I believe everything, but it was not accepted to speak aloud about it, it was considered almost shameful. It seems to me a false shame.

Of course, a person should not work all his life only for the sake of money. But here in the West, a student in his spare time makes his unloved work to pay for his studies. Yes, he works for money. But in fact, in order to work in the future where he was called

by the soul. Work in the area to which there is a tendency and interest, work on the call of the heart and mind, will reveal in a person all of his abilities, talents, and maybe genius. The evaluation of such work is no less important than the recognition of its social importance, usefulness. And you should not hide from yourself and others that you want to get more money for your work. Every work must be paid for, otherwise a person loses the incentive to it. It’s great when work is not just a way to get a livelihood. Favorite work is so much for a person!

A decent pay allows a person not to think constantly about daily bread, but to concentrate on improving their skills, studying colleagues’ experience, and ultimately improving their intellectual level. This is already genuine creativity in work. For the sake of such satisfaction, happiness, joy it is necessary to work up to the seventh sweat.

When we hear that bribery has swept the country, we are indignantly indignant. Taking bribes, as well as giving them, is immoral, unworthy. But I recently heard that the doctor-reanimator of the children’s

department at the hospital has a salary of 225 hryvnia. And not for a beginner, but for those who have ten years of work behind them. From him, his work depends most importantly – the life of the newborn. I will not condemn this doctor if he does not give up voluntary payment for labor from infinitely grateful parents. For extorting money in similar and other situations, the human court is severe. And not only human.

And yet: for what does man work? In order to support yourself, your family, to hold out, so to speak, “afloat” or for the sake of realizing your abilities, your talents, your ambitions, even your vanity? I believe that the impetus may be the first, but every person still dreams of achieving something in this life, revealing his abilities, showing that he is not worse than others, that he is worth something.

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Why does a man work?