“Beauty around us” composition

Our main beauty is nature. in the pirode we will find everything and greenery and everything is all. here is the beginning of the self itself

Has it ever happened to you: you walked past this tree and did not notice how beautiful it was? Or often visited this part of the garden and did not see this charm that was hiding in this corner? And suddenly everything changed in an instant. And the usual landscape suddenly appeared in a completely different light. You look around in wonder and can not understand anything: what happened to this birch tree? Why did she suddenly change so that it is impossible to tear her eyes from her?

Beauty is all around us. Just busy with their own affairs, always somewhere in a hurry, we stopped paying attention to it. And the world around was boring and ordinary. But it’s worth looking at everything with different eyes, and the world is changing. I have seen these trees a lot of pine and birch trees many times. They grow in our garden.

There are many other trees around. They mixed with each other: aspen, birch, pine, here and there a bird cherry tree is visible.

This morning, as usual, I went out into the garden. She looked around with her usual gaze. The same trees, the same grass. And suddenly it seemed as if I had been electrocuted. All the same, but not that. I looked at the trees again. And I saw something unprecedented. The pine was hugging the birch, as if comforting her. And the birch bent her head to her friend’s shoulder, and so she froze. I froze, amazed at what I saw.

But these trees used to grow here. But I did not notice that the birch and pine are close friends who share both joys and sorrows. Together, it is easier to carry the summer heat and winter blizzards. Supporting each other in difficult times, you can survive a drought or severe frost. At that moment I envied these trees. After all, my friends were not near me. One went to the camp, the other to relatives in another area. We will meet with them only in a few days. A pine and birch are always together. They never part.

I left everything and went to them.

Under the trees was a low, but thick grass. I sat down on her. It was so nice to sit under the shadow of two girlfriends. Such a pacification I felt that for a long time I did not want to go home to the usual business. I sat on the grass for a long time. I listened to a quiet conversation between pine and birch, thought about my friends.

Since that morning, every day I go to visit trees-friends. Sometimes I share my sorrows with them. Sometimes I tell you how I spent the day, what I was doing, what I was thinking about. I feel at ease with them. And the pine and birch took me into their alliance. Now there are three of us. And I am now firmly convinced that the beauty is around us. You just need to learn to see it.

What a rich and diverse world around! Every new day, every sunrise is a unique miracle, fairy tale, beauty! I want to endlessly look at the blooming bird cherry, inhale the intoxicating smell of lilac, admire the bright rainbow that will win in the sky after the spring thunderstorm rain.
All this fabulous inimitable world reflects in the artistic images of art, giving us the opportunity to listen enthusiastically to magical music, to contemplate masterpieces of painting, to laugh and cry over the fate of our beloved heroes, to read out with inspired poetic lines…
The dahlia looks in the window
And whispers that summer is over..
The dog-rose is already shining in the lantern.
In my love palisade.
Warm sadness in the August weather
In autumn, oblivion flows.
road of life stretched between the bushes of the vilour of Pavuchkov…

The power of the impact of works of art on man is amazing. We sometimes do not even think about why, after reading an interesting book, we memorize its contents for life, although we did not set such a goal before ourselves. A diligent study of the training material, we give ourselves an installation for memorization, but not always we remember everything.
The thing is that works of art affect our emotions, make us worry, rejoice, sad, love and hate… And everything that concerns our soul is not forgotten, because the memory of the heart is a strong memory.
Art cleanses our soul, makes us beautiful, kind, nobler, wiser…
Man needs beauty as a sun flower, and this beauty is given to her by nature and art – these two eternal sources of spiritual purification and enrichment.

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“Beauty around us” composition