A true friend of the work

What is friendship? This question we often ask each other. “Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends,” “An old friend is better than the new two,” say folk sayings. So what should be a real friend?

A friend is one with whom one can consult, share the most intimate, entrust a secret, who will never put his interests above yours. A true friend will never give up in trouble, will not betray. Not only will he not slander you, but he will not allow others in his presence to tell you anything unfair.

Real friendship is unselfish. “A friend is known in trouble,” says another proverb, and I believe that a friend is checked not only by misfortune, but also by joy. If you communicate with people who have repeatedly proved their devotion, empathized, when trouble came, who rejoiced at your success, it means that there are real friends alongside. In friendship there should be no envy.

Although each of us has an egoist, true

friendship is a relationship that requires devotion, even self-sacrifice. LN Tolstoy wrote: “To be true friends, you need to be confident in each other.” In my opinion, friendship is a huge, bright human feeling. Friends can only be equal among themselves people.

Everyone chooses their friends themselves, but one can not force them to make friends: without mutual understanding, there is no friendship.

With a faithful friend it is easier to live in the world, it is easier to overcome difficulties.

There are not many friends with a person, because how many can you open your soul, tell about your experiences?

How to find such a person? Probably, first of all, you need to be honest yourself, be able to compassion, enjoy the success of another. One must be demanding not only to others, but to oneself.

In my friends I like endurance, erudition, sense of humor, kindness. Sometimes I do not have these values, but my friends are always with me. I am sure of them, because our friendship is experienced in difficult situations.

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A true friend of the work