Charity work

Charity is one of the fundamental principles of a humanistic society. Today, when we live in a world where a lot of evil, dishonest actions are committed, we should treat people as kindly and kindly as possible.

What is charity? It seems to me that this is a quality of a person, when he is capable of compassionately treating the troubles and sorrows of other people, when he is able to help in trouble not only his neighbor, but also strangers. Moreover, even to the enemy, his merciful person will treat with kindness and with the hope of reconciliation.

A merciful person, it seems to me, does not know the word “revenge”, or “vengeance.” Such a principle as “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” is not for him. By doing evil, we only increase the evil that exists in the world. A merciful person tries to be kind and sympathetic with every person.

One of the most famous and respected women of the last century is Mother Teresa. It

was a symbol of mercy, kindness, compassion in the cruel twentieth century. Her devotion to the idea of ​​serving the world has inspired and still inspires people around the world. Such examples allow us to remember that kindness in human hearts exists. Personally, I really respect these people.

The history of mankind knows a lot of wars, betrayals and atrocities. At one time, a lot of blood was shed. The man did not respect himself, did not respect others. Man did not know what charity is, he wanted more power, more material wealth, and so on. On his inner world, no one paid attention. In the past, revenge on the enemy was a matter of honor. But this principle destroys the inner world of man, makes him angrier. But now we can, taking an example from the most famous personalities, change ourselves

Of course, it is very difficult to be merciful to all people. But we must try to change our inner world for the better. I think that if we are patient with other people’s actions, we will gradually improve their attitude to ourselves. People will understand that you do not wish them harm, and they will gradually fall in love with you.

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Charity work