The true beauty of man

I think that it is pleasant for many to look at a pretty girl’s face from the cover of a glossy magazine, to a sweet child, to an elegant man. We admire the beautiful people. And Antoine de Saint-Exupery in his famous fairy tale “The Little Prince” said: “The most important thing is what you will not see with your eyes.” What is this “that”? What is most important in us, what we do not see? Soul? Hence, the true beauty of man is really not visible. But somehow it manifests itself? .. In charity, responsiveness, ability to love… Let’s remember a good monster from the fairy tale “Scarlet Flower”, which Nastenka fell in love just for the beauty of the soul. Remember the bell ringer Quasimodo from the “Notre Dame de Paris” Hugo, under the ugly appearance of which showed bright feelings. But it is much harder for ugly and disabled people to preserve their spiritual beauty than ordinary people. It is physically disadvantaged

by God that physically often are angry at the whole world. What is the strength of the soul you need to have, so as not to be offended in such circumstances at all?

Once I read in a newspaper the story of a girl chained to a wheelchair. This girl got married and, she said, is completely happy. The old women on the bench near the entrance, of course, gossiped: “The girl is disabled, and then suddenly – a wedding! Well, what kind of wife is a freak, cripples?” The old woman did not know that this girl is not ordinary, but “magic” – that’s what her husband calls her. They did not know either: a young married couple has many friends who come to their house to talk with a cheerful and hospitable mistress. And for them there is no wheelchair, they simply do not notice it…

The beauty of the inner is not visible, it manifests itself in all the actions of man, in his soul. It’s a harmony with yourself and the world around you. It destroys the wall of misunderstanding, evil, hatred. It warms everyone who is next to the person who radiates it. Does anyone

know where this spiritual beauty comes from? And where does the mental ugliness come from? It seems to me that all this is given from above. It is a pity only that people who are beautiful with true beauty are so few. But after all, they are, and this inspires optimism. Probably, one who does not appreciate this beauty will not appreciate anything in a person, not even an attractive appearance…

And I’m sure that true spiritual beauty is the very beauty that will save the world.

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The true beauty of man