Will the world save beauty

We have heard the phrase “Beauty will save the world” many times. But few people thought about the “deep” meaning of this saying. Using it in the most suitable and in not entirely appropriate situations, this phrase becomes a simple word game, an excuse or a farce.

To disclose the true meaning of the saying, let’s immediately determine what Beauty is. What is meant by the meaning of the world. What does it mean to Save the World? What in general can save the World? If we accept that the world means the surrounding society, its way of life, mentality, etc., then the procedure for saving the world turns into an ideology. And from what, in fact, is it necessary to save the World? From not beauty? Then, it turns out, instead of the word Beauty, you can put any other, and it will save the world from the opposite meaning of the inserted word. For example: Knowledge will save the world from no Knowledge. Power will save the world from impotence. Even alcoholism

will save the world from sobriety. And sobriety – from alcoholism. Feel the discrepancy? Hence, Beauty saves the world from something else, not from beauty.

So what does the word Beauty mean? Of course, in the everyday concept it means objects, sounds, events, any other phenomenon that we “like”. Pleases our aesthetic feelings. If a person likes something, then it’s beautiful for him. That is, the concept of beauty is already a subjective factor. Beauty can not be absolute. Each person has his own beauty. It is formed under the influence of many factors, but primarily aesthetic education, education. But even if a person has absolutely no education, he will still have the priority of one phenomenon before another on the part of evaluating beauty. External or internal beauty, does not matter. What is external beauty knows absolutely everything. Internal beauty can also be easily assessed by noble deeds. But this is the inner beauty of man. And if not a person, but some phenomenon? Or, for example, for me personally, the most beautiful sport (I am seriously, and not for example) is chess.

Chess players will understand me. It is not even necessary for this to be a subtle aesthetic. Like, of course, not the shape of the pieces on the board, but the potential glow that unfolds in the game. A beautiful party is much more aesthetic pleasure for me than artistic gymnastics, in technical performances of elements of which, I do not understand. But from the point of view of sexuality, of course, artistic gymnastics takes the leading places. Sexuality can be called beauty? Undoubtedly you can! And what is sexuality. Again, the conventionality adopted in the process of educating the next generation. We know, that the sample of sexuality among different peoples and in different times is invariably changing. In Africa, for example, there is a tribe where everyone walks naked, but, necessarily with long hair. For the Aborigines of this tribe, the sexiest part of the body is the neck and the back of the head.

You can still walk around the bush for a long time, bringing the reader to the desired conclusion. I propose now to state my own version of the saying “beauty will save the world,” and each person will determine the evidence or not consent for himself.

So, absolutely beautiful can be considered only that which is absolutely harmonious. And everything that is created by Nature (God, Creator, Nature, etc.) is harmonious. And for whom can the world and all life become harmonious? Only for the enlightened! To change the world – change yourself. There is no other recipe. This is the truth of all the sages of our history. And in this case, Beauty and Harmony are the identification of Love. Love is not as a sexual attraction, but as a comprehensive, all-consuming feeling of the Enlightened One. Thus, we can safely paraphrase a proverb in such a formula: “Love will save the world.” But since it is possible to conduct a whole classification of different “lovers”, and the relation of internal harmony and the perception of external manifestations as harmonious are not accessible to all and understandable, the word Beauty is most appropriate.

Love to you and Harmony! And then your Beauty will save your World.

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Will the world save beauty