Beauty external and internal

There is an undeniable truth: “Beauty will save the world.” Everyone understands it in his own way, and it depends on what he sees the power of beauty. It can be immortal artistic masterpieces, which pushes the soul to the majestic. Or unsurpassed beauty native species that inspire a person to a decent life and deeds. For me, the power of life-giving beauty is contained in the fusion of the outer and inner beauty of man himself. Only such a person is able to enrich the life of society, giving him everything best that is in it.

They say. that the person is met “on clothes”. Perhaps someone can disagree with this, but admit, will the satisfaction of communicating with a person be untidy, dirty? At first his eyes will not be perceived, and then, in most cases, the soul. Since the appearance is a reflection of the internal state, and unfortunately, not all and not always remember about it.

But I can object and say that not everything in the opportunity

to dress beautifully, fashionably. And “beautiful and fashionable” – it’s not just clothes and shoes from the podiums or from expensive supermarkets. First of all, it’s taste, harmony, neatness, clean body, smiling eyes, beautiful language. All this is the external beauty of a person, after which even certain physical imperfections of her face or figure are not seen.

And above all his wealth is a beautiful soul. There is a folk saying: “Do not drink water from your face.” This means that no matter how beautiful from outside, there was no person, the most important in her beauty is the inner one. Its canons were born and fixed by age, passed down from generation to generation. Sincere generosity, diligence, love for one’s land and compatriots, respect for the elderly and caring for children, a heartfelt desire to help others, meekness, optimism, sense of humor. This list of the best character traits of a person can be continued, and the main thing is that we not only realize this, but also strive to fulfill our souls with this wealth and give it to people.

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Beauty external and internal