Composition on “The Beauty of Man”

Beauty is a very individual concept. The more one person admires, the other will not even look, and if he looks, he will be very surprised, because he will not find anything beautiful there. What is the reason for this? Probably, scientists could explain this fact from the point of view of genetics or psychology. But now for us it is not very interesting. We simply accept it as a fact: beauty is individual. This is the first.

Secondly, beauty makes you admire. Beauty attracts. Often it carries in itself some positive energy, purifies and enlightens. Therefore, we can say that beauty is of a higher nature, it is divine.

But this is only true beauty. Sometimes it happens that for beauty we take beauty, external shine. But this beauty covers internal poverty, wretchedness, even ugliness or vice. Then we can say that this beauty is from the devil, it destroys. It is about this novel O. Ould “Portrait of Dorian Gray.” The young hero of the work was dazzlingly beautiful

in appearance, but this beauty did not extend to his soul. Dorian believed that he was allowed everything that needs to use his beauty and youth, fulfilling all his whims and not thinking about others.

But Wald shows that it is impossible. The laws of human nature are such that the ugliness of the soul will certainly be reflected in appearance. The hero did not save even the magic portrait, “suffering” for the sins of his “master.” The payment inevitably comes, and the beauty immediately turns into the most disgusting ugliness.

Many objects and objects can be beautiful. Beautiful animals can be. Beautiful people can be. What is a beautiful person to me? How should it be that I admire him?

In Ozhegov’s explanatory dictionary several definitions are given to the word “beautiful”. On the first place here is the meaning of “full of inner content, highly moral”. On the second – “pleasing to the eye, pleasant appearance, harmony, harmony, beautiful.” And only in the third place – “attracting attention, spectacular, but

meaningless.” Thus, the authors of this dictionary bring to the fore inner beauty.

They consider this to be the most important, determining sign of beauty. Is this so for me? Undoubtedly, I appreciate externally beautiful people who have a spectacular, bright appearance, a beautiful figure, fashionable and flamboyantly dressed. Such people are constantly flickering on TV screens, they are looking at us from the covers of glossy magazines. As a rule, these are the so-called “glamorous people”, leading a fashionable lifestyle.

Of course, at first glance, they are attractive. But, it seems to me, most of them are internally very poor. I’m afraid that when we meet with them, we will not have anything to talk about, they will simply be very bored with them. Their external beauty quickly “becomes familiar”, and these “glossy people” will become for you just a beautiful picture, an interior, which very quickly ceases to notice.

Hence, one external beauty is not enough. And what is external beauty? How to define it? What is it, the right facial features, beautiful skin, a certain eye color? It seems to me that no, or rather, not only that. For me personally, a handsome man is a man with luminous eyes, cheerful and cheerful, a man with an open smile, staring straight at you during a conversation. So, beauty is determined for me rather by internal qualities?

Of course, I believe that a handsome man must be self-confident, full of dignity, even majesty. These qualities undoubtedly affect the appearance of a person, give him nobility, even aristocracy. Such features are manifested in the whole appearance of man: in his facial expressions, gestures, gait. Here it is important to make one more remark: a handsome man is not only a beautiful face. It is an impression that is created from the whole appearance of a person: his faces, figures, manners to dress and manners to speak, from his facial expressions and gestures.

In addition, a handsome man must be an intelligent and educated person. The mind for me is generally the most important quality in a person. It seems to me that if there is a mind, very many qualities will add. A smart and self-assured person simply can not be ugly.

In my opinion, for the external beauty of a person, the level of his general culture is very important. This culture will manifest itself in everything: how a person looks, what he wears, how he behaves, what books he reads, what music he listens to, what he dreams about.

It is very important for me that a person should be cheerful and cheerful, that he shines with happiness and optimism. What can be more beautiful than a broad smile, sparkling with the joy of the eyes, an easy flying gait?

Such is Natasha Rostova from Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace. If you “disassemble” the appearance of this heroine by individual lines – a large moving mouth, black round eyes, thin arms and legs – then Natasha is ugly. But who can say this about her when he saw this man, having watched her in life, in difficult situations, just talking with her. This girl is so emotional, sincere, so full of energy, love of life, which is brighter and more attractive than many “marble” beauties.

In addition, a handsome man, in my opinion, is a hobbyist who knows how to love and be friends. This is a person who is interested in living in peace, in his country. This is a person for whom there are no barriers, frames and stereotypes. In general, probably, this is a free person who knows how to use and enjoys his freedom to the full.

So, probably, I consider beautiful a harmonious person. Here is the key word, it seems to me, to define beauty. “Harmony” for me – a synonym for the word “beauty.” Only a person who is in harmony with himself can look and be beautiful. Only a person who has found a “golden mean” between the inner and the outer, can be called beautiful. Only a person who is in harmony with life and himself can be happy.

Consequently, a chain is formed that defines my idea of ​​beauty: harmonious – happy – beautiful. I think that it is true for most people on our planet.

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Composition on “The Beauty of Man”