The work “Nature is a friend of man”

The relationship between the two great forces describes the reader an instructive work on the theme “Man and Nature.” Improving technology to raise living standards, a person, nevertheless, is not able to curb natural disasters that periodically arise in different parts of the earth. People should respect nature and love it as a mother.

For centuries the connection between man and nature is inseparable and strong. Everything that surrounds us since birth is a living and inanimate nature.

Dense forests and small groves give us oxygen, without which life on Earth is impossible. Mountain springs and fresh lakes supply water. Mother earth is a satisfying bread and other gifts of nature.

Man has always treated with great respect and respect for the world around him. In past centuries, when human civilization was just emerging, people completely depended on the grace of nature. Then, with blood, they irrigated arable land to grow a meager crop of grain. They

had to save every handful of flour in order to survive the cold and hungry winters.

To stock up on meat, it was necessary to pursue a wild animal for many kilometers, armed only with a spear or arrows. The fish were caught with a spear – a thick stick with a pointed end. For hours people were idle to the waist in the cold, rushing flow of the river, so that, at last, it would be accurate to thrust the point into the brisk fish.

Clothing was sewn from animal skins with needles in fish bones. The dwellings were very unstable, they often had to be rebuilt after hurricanes and heavy downpours. People constantly prayed to the gods, appealing to their mercy and offering sacrifices.

Today it is difficult for us to imagine such a way of life. On the shelves of modern shops full of products, clothes and household appliances. It seems that man has conquered nature. But, this is far from it! The development of technology helps us to live, but the destructive elements of nature at one point can lead to a catastrophe that will destroy entire cities and villages.

We must firmly remember that today, as never before, one must be able to hear the world around us. to protect his wealth and not put himself above Mother Nature.

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The work “Nature is a friend of man”