Composition on the theme “Beauty of the soul”

When the world overflows with indifference and intolerance of the main mass of earthlings, only a small part of the remaining people, endowed with soul, can keep the delicate balance of life on the planet. Such spiritual qualities as charity, compassion, love and kindness, help a person to remain human in any life situation. On the inevitable victory of good over evil tells the reader an essay on the theme “Soul.”

We often hear about human kindness. straightforwardness and mercy.

In Europe and America a high standard of living, the rights of citizens are protected, homeless animals gather in shelters. And it’s great. It’s nice to drive on flat roads, walk along clean streets, communicate with polite people.

But looking at all this well-being, will never pinch the heart from the suddenly surging feelings. Do not get dizzy from the impudent smile of the impudent guy. The voice does not flinch under the verses of Marina Tsvetaeva. An unintentional

tear will not come upon meeting with a gray, first teacher. Do not fall from the lips of a cry of delight from the stunning beauty of autumnal charm. Many things will not happen, because it will look strange in the representation of foreigners, and somewhere even indecent.

The breadth and beauty of the Russian soul was praised by classics at all times. Many peoples do not understand the mentality of the Russian people. For example, how can one bawl songs under the accordion, when you have a hard time in your soul. Or take off your last shirt and give it to a beggar. Or water the whole village in debt, because you have joy.

Here goes the broken, all in the potholes and marshland, the road beyond the horizon. You walk along it and swear at the last words, but, seeing a flock of barefoot, dirty kids, fluttering on the wheat field in chamomile-cornflower wreaths on their heads, you instantly calm down and are touched. And you already want to press them all to your chest, kiss them, give them warmth and affection.

This is the whole Russian soul. She is vulnerable and sympathetic, despite the unsettledness of life and life’s problems.

Therefore, the beauty of the Russian soul will save the world. when he is filled with indifference and intolerance.

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Composition on the theme “Beauty of the soul”