Painting by Rylov “Green noise”

Arkady Rylov – an outstanding Russian landscape painter was born in 1870. His paintings astonish with their mood and beauty, thus pleasing not only the spectators but also the performer himself. Rylov was born on the way (his parents were going to Vyatka) and lived most of his life in the North and put all the beauty of those places with love into his paintings, and the canvas “green noise” over which he worked for two years, glorified the artist. He conveyed not only the incredible beauty of his native places, but also sound, character, harmony and thought. In 1904, three copies were created, and all of them are in Russian museums.

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at this masterpiece is brightness, color, saturation. The clear blue sky, decorated with snow-white clouds, gives contrast to dark green trees and blue water. The whole picture conveys life and youth, despite the depicted trees which are not a decade old.

The author wrote a wonderful landscape of a sunny day. The view opens from the top, from a mountain on which grow large, mighty trees, and below is a wide, convoluted river. and white sailboats sail along it. Due to the not clear images of grass and tree crowns, it can be seen that a strong wind blows with all its might to bend the branches, creating noise.

Looking at the picture, it seems that I am in that clearing and look at the real, and not the picturesque beauty of nature. I inhale the fresh air, smell the fresh grass, the scents of small but fragrant flowers and hear the song of rustling leaves. The name of this painting was given to Bogaevsky, who was invited one of the first with Kuindzhi, to evaluate the picture. Looking at her for the first time, he began to quote Nekrasov’s poem “The Green Noise” of a word that perfectly fits to the landscape, and the name still remains.

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Painting by Rylov “Green noise”