Painting Levitan Blossoming apple trees “

All the Levitan landscapes are imbued with a special lyrical, piercingly delicate mood, whether he is painting his famous autumn or summer evening. But a special lyricism is characteristic of his painting “Blossoming apple trees”.

Before the spectator a bright, sunny, spring day appears in the apple orchard. Young apple-trees grow in it in orderly rows. They are clearly well-groomed, which indicates that the trees are taken care of by the economic hand. Very clearly the artist wrote out the trunks and young, elastic branches of the apple trees.

The youngness of the trees says that this garden will still rejoice with its color and aroma for a long time, a shadow in the hot summer, and a generous harvest in the fall.

In the background – a small, sometimes skewed fence, a sturdy house built from a log house. Most likely, in it also lives the gardener who carefully and skilfully cares for a garden. In the foreground is a simple wooden bench. It stands

just in the middle of the garden, amid thick green grass and spring flowers. Someone comes to this garden, sits down on this simple bench and breathes in the scent of blossoming apple trees.

It seems that each apple-tree is ready to stretch its elastic flowering branch and envelop its own intoxicating aroma. Here already, and the shadow from other trees is visible on the grass here and there, and soon all the leaves on the apple trees will dissolve in full force. Then the apple trees will also give a dense, thick shadow.

From the picture he wails with extraordinary light and warmth. The greens of barely blown leaves, tender pink petals of apple blossoms, the sky of azure color, a bright tent of grass and flowers in the garden – all this riot of white, green and blue colors the artist conveyed very reliably.

There is also a sharp smell of just waking from frost, poured earth with sap, flowering trees. And they say in vain that the apple blossom is short-lived. After all, then on the apple trees will appear ovary, and then – tasty, juicy fruits.

Ineffable, genuine depth and beauty of nature was conveyed by I. I. Levitan so that it seems that this spring will never end and always will be in the soul of everyone who looks at the picture “Blossoming apple trees”.

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Painting Levitan Blossoming apple trees “