The Painting by Polenov “Moscow Yard”

The Painting by Polenov “Moscow Yard”

Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov is a famous Russian artist who created many fine works of art. One of his works was the painting “The Moscow Courtyard”, written in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight. For the first time the picture was seen at the sixth exhibition of the Wanderers. From that moment Polenov became famous.

The picture shows a simple courtyard in Moscow. Early summer. The grass is still not very tall and not yellowed, flowers blossom. The day is sunny, hot. The sky is blue and blue with rare white clouds. Against this background, a beautifully visible church with five domes. The central dome is golden. He rises among his silvery brethren. But higher up the bell tower. The sunlight is so bright that on the walls and the church and the bell tower

lies a shadow from the clouds.

In the shade and wall of a small mansion, which is located in the center of the courtyard. Near the house there was a barn. He had already squinted at the old age, and his roof had failed in some places. On it grew a tree. Slightly heeled and well. Everything says that this is an old Moscow mansion: both a cellar and a darkened fence. But life did not stop in this old mansion. In the yard there is a horse harnessed in a cart, waiting for its master. She lowered her head.

The children, all white-headed, play on the warm grass. Two of them settled comfortably on the ground. They talk about something or look at some movement in the grass. Another boy went to the cellar. He, too, is keen on something. And all three completely forgot about the little sister who crying trying to get their attention. And, maybe, collecting florets, she fell and hit hard. But the boys are not up to it. Everyone is busy with his game.

A woman with a bucket came out of the house and walked along the path. Chickens busily walk and peck green grass, pebbles. They are not afraid of the presence of women and children. They are also busy with their own business. In the back of the courtyard, clothes hang on the rope. The pillars are about to fall. But there is no desolation in this court. Clean all around. The garden behind the fence turns green.

The picture of VD Polenov is filled with such warmth that it becomes joyful at heart. How much love is invested in this work. Old Moscow courtyard. But everything there is so close and native that it is impossible not to admire the modest beauty of a simple city landscape.

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The Painting by Polenov “Moscow Yard”