Painting Tsyplakova “Frost and the sun”

The artist VG Tsyplakov wrote a lot from nature, trying to show on his canvases an endless natural cycle, different seasons. His landscapes are very Russian, they well convey the beauty and originality of our nature.

Looking at the picture “Frost and the sun”, we seem to fall into a snowy kingdom – magical, solemn and very picturesque. Everywhere – lush snowdrifts. They covered the hillock, the village street, the road. Snow lies on the roofs of village houses, on trees and hills, merges far away with the winter sky. Apparently, recently there was a strong snowstorm, but now there is not even a trace left of it. The landscape is full of calm and greatness.

Just remember the lines of Pushkin’s poem, which gave the name to this remarkable painting. Of course, VG Tsyplakov depicted a completely different, much later time: on the canvas, we see poles with electric wires. But, at the same time, the world of nature remained almost unchanged, the

same as it was in the era of Alexander Pushkin.

The feeling of submergence in the century before last adds to this picture the angle of the old (perhaps, landlord) house and a string of horses harnessed to a sleigh. They move along the road, laid among the endless snows. Most likely, this train is returned from the forest. The frost is probably very strong, and the peasants chase their horses, striving to return to their home heat. And the horses themselves also run briskly, anticipating a close rest and food.

This picture is filled with the bright light of the sun. It is wintery and cold, but it gives the audience a sense of joy and some kind of festivity. All around sparkles and sparkles in the cold.

Blue shadows, falling from the houses and lying along the road, emphasize the beauty of the winter landscape. In the distance, at the very horizon a strip of forest turns blue, especially brightly standing out against the background of snowy whiteness. And all the magnificent scenery lies in the gray-blue boundless and cold sky. I really want to run along this winter road and untouched snow, admiring the pensive beauty of nature.

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Painting Tsyplakova “Frost and the sun”