The composition of Zhukovsky’s painting “Before the Terrace”

In the painting by S. Yu. Zhukovsky, “Before the terrace” is depicted a bright summer landscape. Immediately striking incredible combination of colors and shades, which the author filled his work.

In the foreground of the picture we see a large table covered with a white tablecloth and two carved chairs. The shawls thrown on the chairs with light carelessness and the unassembled tea appliances say that two women were sitting at the table quite recently, but it seems that they have moved off for a while. On the other side of the table is a third chair. On a snow-white table we see a small antique samovar, the vase is decorated with fresh, recently torn flowers, and on a special dish are different fruits. Also on the table, the artist painted glasses and a small jug with milk.

The place for a breakfast of the morning is chosen, as it is impossible by the way. Nearby grow large perennial pine trees, the top of which goes high up. A little blue river and a sky covered with clouds can be seen at a distance in the green of the herbage. Here and there the rays of the morning sun break through. The sun forces the trees to cast shadows and silver a fast river. Green bushes everywhere, a lot of wildflowers, it seems that you begin to feel a slight warm breeze and hear the singing of birds. Trees that grow near, very much resemble the thick edge of the forest.

The whole picture is permeated with a pleasant, calm atmosphere of the morning. Nature, as if lazily, without hurrying, wakes up from a night’s sleep. The author’s strokes are accurate, clear. With the help of paints, he was able to place the necessary accents in his work.

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The composition of Zhukovsky’s painting “Before the Terrace”