The Painting Savrasov “Rooks arrived”

Everyone at least once in my life saw the picture “The Rooks Have Arrived,” this is the most famous painting by Savrasov. We see the unhurried awakening of nature, only – only the calendar spring has come. But slowly spring struggles for its rights with the winter, the snow no longer lies in huge snowdrifts on the ground, the snowdrifts gradually decreased, and the snow is no longer fluffy and snow-white, it becomes gray and old. There are many traces on it, small twigs of trees lie on it.

The first puddles have already appeared, slim birches stand in the thawed water, they are eagerly waiting for small fresh sticky leaves to appear on their branches. Rooks already sit on their crowns – messengers of spring, some of them fly in the sky. They have returned from the warm edges, and are going to equip their homes, soon each of them will find their own couple, and they will wait for their children to hatch from the eggs. As the folk sign says, if the rooks

arrived, it means that it’s already spring just around the corner. After a couple of weeks, everything will finally melt, the sun will dry the earth with its warm rays, and fresh grass will start to look out.

In the background there is a beautiful church and bell tower, with emerald domes and white-stone walls. Green is the color of calmness and life, and white is the purity and space. The church stands against the blue sky. The sky is still dull, the dark and heavy clouds are scattered, and fluffy clouds come to replace them. When you look at the picture, you feel the spring warm and easy wind, what you need to be a brilliant artist to be able to paint the picture in the air! It feels good, its freshness and lightness come from the picture. When writing a painting, the artist uses both light and dark tones, they harmoniously combine and convey the beauty and integrity of the spring awakening nature.

In general, the picture is calm and quiet, only the chirping of birds and occasional bells are heard. The picture so accurately conveys the landscape, that it seems as if you are looking at the canvas, and you see this picture in front of you. I admire the talent and skill of the artist.

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The Painting Savrasov “Rooks arrived”