The Painting Savrasov “Winter Landscape”

If you look at the artist’s biography, you can trace the incredible facts. Savrasov was born, as at that time was considered in the merchant family. At an early age, a small Savrasov began to show genuine interest in painting, but his father was not happy and even opposed to his child was fond of painting.

But Savrasov was not inclined and in 1844 entered the school in Moscow, where he was taught in the class of the landscape. Savrasov had many works, for which he was recognized as a great Russian landscape painter. Many of his paintings have had tremendous success among the public. There are still many admirers of the creativity of this artist.

One of his famous paintings is “Winter Landscape”. This work Savrasov wrote in the suburbs. In my opinion, this landscape reveals to us all the beauty of both Moscow suburbs and the direction itself as a whole.

The painting depicts the winter season. The central part of the picture is taken by a road that extends into the distance. Also we see the corner of the garden and the poplar, the branches of which obstruct the panorama. Looking at this picture, I seem to be there, and everything around comes to life, I see a horse, which wearily lapses in the distance.

It seems to me that there is no wind on the street, which means that there is a severe frost, as smoke is blowing from the pipes of houses. Looking at the picture becomes calm and cozy, nothing superfluous. I like the frosty winter, the snowy snow under my feet. When you can go out and everything around is covered with a white fluffy veil. You can take a sled and start off the mountain, and then return home, sit down at the table and drink hot tea with freshly baked pies. There is nothing better than a winter frosty evening sitting at the window and reading your favorite book.

Watch how dusk and fantasize and plan tomorrow, how with the guys we’ll sculpt a snow woman or decorate a Christmas tree.

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The Painting Savrasov “Winter Landscape”