Painting by Shishkin “The Creek in the Woods. Siverskaya”

Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich is a famous Russian landscape painter, whose pictures appear before me as if they were alive. One of my favorite paintings of this artist is “The Creek in the Woods. Siverskaya”, which depicts a Russian forest, fairy, magical and majestic.

I liked this picture in that every detail, every needle on a pine, a pebble on the ground near a stream or mushrooms, hidden under a stump or among the grass, is beautifully depicted in it. The picture depicts a forest in the summer noon. The foreground of the picture is immersed in a shadow, which is formed from tall pine trees, which are interwoven with branches and form a real dome above the ground. And in the distance the pines already parted and formed a small glade, which is flooded with sunlight.

It seems to me that the pines that the artist portrayed are very old. They have already seen much, many have gone through, many of them have already lost all their needles and are completely naked among the young pines and fir-trees, on which the young pine needles look soft as fluff. This symbolizes the continuity of nature and its eternity. Looking at these trees, I understand that life will continue, no matter what happens.

And among these trees on the ground a brisk snake, poured in the rays of the sun, which barely make their way through the tent of fir branches, streams stream. It is quite tiny, you can not swim in it, but its water rises water and trees and grass, and animals and birds can drink this water to gain strength. This trickle is the real strength of the forest, which gives the most essential to all living things that are in it. Looking at him, I myself want to be in the woods, sit down on the ground, covered with grass and fallen with needles from the trees and enjoy the smells of needles, the singing of birds and the gentle murmur of the brook.

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Painting by Shishkin “The Creek in the Woods. Siverskaya”