Painting by Denisov-Uralsky “Forest Fire”

AK Denisov-Uralsky – a famous Russian artist. He created paintings dedicated to his native land – the Urals. There are the artist and several paintings with a similar theme. One of them – the canvas “Forest Fire”, created in 1897. The painting depicts a beautiful dense forest, which is surrounded by a huge fire.

Element atrocities over the pine trees – the tongues of flame rise above the trees, and the smoke clouds, like the paws of a terrible hungry monster, which is about to swallow up the whole sky. Once upon a time a person tamed a fire – he began to warm the dwelling, to help prepare food, but in the picture we see how terrible and dangerous this unpredictable element can be. It was this, free and strong, that the author pictured the fire in the picture. The flame is so huge that the trees in comparison with it seem to be puppet. The flame is a wall, everything is burning in its path.

We see that on the right the whole forest

is on fire, everything is burning – and grass, and small Christmas trees, and huge mighty pines. The flame is ominous, red-orange. And to the left there are still lonely trees, choking with smoke and waiting for their inevitable fate. Almost half of the picture over the forest is occupied by clouds of smoke, it is so thick and impenetrable that through it sunlight can not penetrate, only a couple of rays reach the foreground of the picture. We do not know the cause of the fire, it is probably the fault of a person who has not extinguished a fire, or to all the blame for a lightning caught in a dry tree. But we see how a terrible, destructive consequence brings a fire – the whole forest will burn out. However, the smoke clouds with the tongues of flame have their alluring and dangerous beauty. They are changeable and unrepeatable, create unusual images and fascinate the eye.

Allure and attract to yourself, for good reason they say that you can always look at the fire. Despite the danger and destructive effect, the fire has a purifying effect. The forest will burn, but in a place of a conflagration in a few years new trees and shrubs will grow. There will be a new forest – young and fresh. After all, everything is interconnected in nature, and everything is fine, no matter how terrifying a person might feel it.

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Painting by Denisov-Uralsky “Forest Fire”