The Painting by Venetsianov “On the plowland, Spring”

The picture of Alexei Gavrilovich Venetsianov “On a plowland, Spring” at first glance seems a little strange and contains many questions. However, without it it is inconceivable to imagine Russian painting. Let’s look at this picture together, ask all the questions that arise and try to answer them.

We see the plowed field in the picture in the early spring. Somewhere along the edges, green grass breaks through, it is clearly visible on the front, untouched edge of the field. At the right edge some thin trees grow green near a strange sloping stump. A very well-dressed woman in a pink sarafan and a beautiful kokoshnik easily leads on a plowed land two powerful horses that pull the harrow behind them. The woman walks along the plow land barefoot, stepping very lightly, as if dancing, her smile on her face.

In the foreground of the picture on the right sits an infant, quietly amusing himself with some of his toys. The words “beautiful”, “beautiful”

can be applied almost to everything depicted in the picture: a beautiful landscape, a beautiful woman, beautiful horses, a beautiful outfit, a beautiful blue sky with white clouds.

What is strange and surprising in this picture? We all know that peasant labor – hard and exhausting, harrowing the field on horses – is a hard dirty work for both man and horse. Why is a woman dressed so festively, why is the work given to her with ease, and not with stress? Why can not you see the tension in the horses? Why, despite the fact that the spring is early, and, therefore, still cold, the heroine of the picture walks the ground barefoot – after all, judging by the clothes, she is not one of the poorest peasants and she should have shoes? Why is a child in a shirt alone sitting in such a season on bare earth and not freezing or crying? And, finally, why is a woman much more horses, because these working horses are not ponies?

The solution is simple: the artist did not depict an ordinary peasant woman, but a fairy-tale image of spring embodied in a beautiful woman. It was such a beautiful,

light, elegant, young man who introduced himself to him, springing lightly on the earth, renewing the world, calming the children, leading nature. In the distance there are two more such working groups that triple the image, says that spring comes everywhere.

The painter invested special love in the writing of the landscape. In the history of Russian painting is the first landscape of Russian nature, before that the painters depicted only foreign species, the Russian land was considered unworthy of paint and brushes. Venetsianov was the first to discover her unique beauty.

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The Painting by Venetsianov “On the plowland, Spring”