Painting by Polenov “Grandma’s Garden”

Among the many famous Russian artists, a great impression on me is produced by the paintings of Polenov Vasily Dmitrievich. His landscapes simply admire his liveliness and riot. Most of all I was impressed by his picture “Grandma’s Garden”. Probably because I also have a grandmother in the village, and I often visit her. Naturally, she does not have such a big house as in the picture, but the garden is very similar.

The picture reveals a view of a large estate. The entrance to the terrace is on the steps, on either side of which there are large beautiful columns. Among the green garden trees you can consider small house windows and wooden walls. From the steps through the entire garden there is a small path, sandy. On it there are two women. One is already very elderly and rests one hand on a wand, and the second on another woman. Apparently, this is my mother and daughter. Apparently, the old lady wanted to take a walk in the garden and her daughter helps.

An old woman is dressed in a black dress. A large knitted shawl is thrown over, and the hair is hidden under the headdress. The daughter is very elegant pink dress with black dresses. The hair is beautifully laid. All this beauty is complemented by a large green garden. He grew tall trees, thick bushes and beautiful flowers. One can only imagine how fresh and pleasant the air has enveloped women.

Looking at the picture, I mentally feel myself in the grandmother’s garden and breathe the scents of fresh greens. The work is simply excellent both emotionally and in performance.

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Painting by Polenov “Grandma’s Garden”