Painting by Rylov “Flowery meadow”

Arkady Rylov is an acknowledged master in depicting Russian landscapes, from which I take breath. Of all his works, I liked the painting “Flowery meadow” most of all. This picture is a real hymn to the fly, to the vast expanses of Russia and the true beauty of nature.

This picture shows a green meadow, which is dotted with a lot of white flowers. They grow literally everywhere and look like the first snow that suddenly fell out in a sunny warm summer. When I look at this picture, I want so much to get out of the stuffy city and run out into this meadow, run along the grass, and then fall into it and lie on this green carpet for a long time. Especially since I have a clear blue sky above me, along which the white clouds are moving slowly, beyond which it is so interesting to observe.

Two more groups of trees are depicted on this picture: one is slightly smaller, and the other is something like a small scaffold. The trees in these groups grow near each other close to each other, as if they were companies of girlfriends who went out for a walk and chatted about everything in the world. It is seen that they have grown together for a long time, so their branches in some places intertwined, forming overhead a living dome.

Behind these groups of trees, the field was first spread, and then the whole forest is majestic and beautiful, so it’s so nice to wander in the autumn, picking mushrooms, and in summer to have a friendly picnic in its shadow.

And all this natural splendor is flooded with bright sunlight, from which the colors seem brighter and more saturated. This picture reminds me of how beautiful Russian nature is, how rich and majestic it is. Looking at this picture, I want to take care of nature, take care of it, so that such beauty remains in Russia for a long, long time and pleased not only me, but also my future children and grandchildren.

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Painting by Rylov “Flowery meadow”