Painting by Polenov “Overgrown pond”

Painting V. Polenov “Overgrown pond” was created by the artist in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine. It was first shown to the general public at the seventeenth exhibition of the Wanderers. And immediately won the love of many. Especially affects the canvas with a variety of shades of green.

The picture shows an old pond almost completely overgrown with water lilies. To the pond descends the bridges, to which the path leads. On it so much went, that it seems trampled white. And around the green woods of trees, a wall suitable to the very pond. Along the far bank grow bushes and coastal grass.

V. Polenov chose a sunny bright day for his painting. All around is flooded with sunlight. The dark water shines. The walkways seem radiant. So bright and clear the sun shines. From this, the trees surrounding the pond seem even darker. It seems that there, in the depths of the garden, an impenetrable thicket. Therefore, a pond, a bench, a beach with

daisies leave the impression of a small enclosed space, a nice corner, where it’s nice to sit in silence, enjoying the view opening.

This world is beautiful. The dark, almost black water of the pond is mysterious. It reflects all the objects, a patch of a gentle blue sky, breaking through the green. Surface smooth, smooth. The wind does not disturb her with her presence. On the water does not run through the ripples. No leaf or blade of grass moves. Everything was still in this isolated corner of nature.

A woman has found a quiet refuge here. She conveniently settled on a bench there, in the depths, as if she had gone into a green tent. Keen on reading the book, she does not pay attention to the surrounding. It is familiar to a woman. Perhaps, she often comes here to sit in silence, think about something, indulge in dreams. Nothing will disturb her peace here, she will not be disturbed by an unknown noise or a sharp sound.

A light sadness wails from the picture of V. Polenov “Overgrown pond”, some old memory, an easy, elusive vision. I remember the lines from the poem of Alexander Pushkin – “my sorrow is light.” An amazing picture. It is difficult to tear her away from her. The shades and flashes of green, the white dress of a woman and the soft blue sky – all this is fascinating.

I really liked this picture. It is so warm that I want to get there, wander in the dark depths of the garden, put my hand in the cool water of the pond, sit on a bench. To hear the chirping of birds and the soft rustling of leaves overhead.

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Painting by Polenov “Overgrown pond”