Composition on Levitan’s painting “Evening on the Volga”

This picture was written by Isaak Ilich Levitan. Now she is in a private meeting in the city of Moscow. The landscape was painted by the artist in 1880.

On this wonderful canvas, Levitan depicted the wide expanse of the river in the setting sun.

Before us in the foreground we see trees. These trees give the landscape a dark and some frightening appearance. And through the trees, the roof of the old hut can be seen.

In the background, we see the indescribable beauty of the Volga. The Volga is depicted with the help of red, orange, light blue tones. Where the forest approaches the river, it grows darker. In the reflection of the river flashes the glint of the setting sun, which gives the river brightness, distinctness and fascination.

On the third plane of the canvas, we can see a dark, uneven, solid wall of the forest. Trees grow on the opposite bank of the river. Also at the top of the picture is not yet a dark, but already beginning to grow dark sky. The sky is written in light tones, shades of beige, with greenish. red, bluish divorces. Strange brightness and unusualness give the sky a blue cloud.

This painting I really liked, because the artist was able to convey the beauty of the evening, more precisely, the sky in the reflection of the river.

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Composition on Levitan’s painting “Evening on the Volga”